[ Queer University Employees At Stanford ]


LGBTQ+ staff at Stanford dedicated to supporting our community through advocacy, events and programming, and by building meaningful collaborations throughout the Stanford community.

Get Ready To Build Community!

We're so excited to invite you to join us in building a strong and inclusive community here at Stanford. We are a grassroots driven staff group, meaning we provide programing through staff volunteers with support of the Diversity and Access Office at Stanford.  We have no borders, school, department, or single group - LGBTQ+ folks are a part of every space!

We are all leaders and contributors. Jump in and help us thrive at Stanford.

Other Queer Spaces on Campus

These are a few of the other places and spaces around Stanford campus supporting the LGBTQ+ community from staff and students to alumni.

Stanford Diversity & Access Office

The Stanford Medicine +OUTlist

and LGBTQ+ Forum

The SLAC LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group

Stanford Queer Student Resources

Stanford Pride Alumni Group

Stanford SoM LGBTQ-Meds